Past Tense – Exercises for Class 7

The past tense is sued to express an action that has already occured.


Q. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of verbs given in brackets. The tense form is mentioned along with each sentence.

  1. They ______________ (watch) a movie last Sunday. (simple past)
  2. I ______________ (meet) her in Patna last year. (simple past)
  3. She ______________ (read) a novel while her sister was playing. (past continuous)
  4. He was always ______________ (complain) about the food. (past continuous)
  5. I ______________ (buy) the necklace before I saw the rings. (past perfect)
  6. Her mother ______________ (prepare) food when all of us came back. (past continuous)
  7. The organisers ______________ (arrange) everything for the event. (past continuous)
  8. I ______________ (send) the letter before I realised my mistake. (past perfect)
  9. He ______________ (cry) when he was a baby. (past perfect)
  10. He was always ______________ (praise) his teacher. (past continuous)


  1. watched
  2. met
  3. was reading
  4. complaining
  5. had bought
  6. was preparing
  7. were arranging
  8. had sent
  9. was crying
  10. praising

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