Past Tense Exercises

Past Tense Exercises with Answers

Q. Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the past tense:

  1. The emergency meeting _________ a while ago. (end)
  2. The pupil unintentionally _________ the window pane. (break)
  3. When the telephone rang, no one ___________ in the house. (to be)
  4. The error in the notice __________ already. (correct)
  5. If you had called, we _________ readily. (respond)
  6. We __________ the good news last night. (receive)
  7. How I wish I _________ the champion. (to be)
  8. Edwin _________ the riddle for the past hour before he decided to give up. (solve)
  9. By the time the firemen came, the houses ___________ to the ground. (raze)
  10. All the stolen goods ___________ by the police. (confiscate)


  1. ended
  2. broke
  3. was
  4. had been corrected
  5. would have responded
  6. received
  7. were
  8. had been solving
  9. had been razed
  10. had been confiscated

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