Phrases and Clauses – Exercises for Class 7

A group of words that makes sense but not complete sense and does not have a finite verb is called a phrase.

A clause is a group of words that forms part of a sentence and has a subject and a finite ver of its own. It may or may not stand on its own.


Q. Decide whether the group of words in bold is a clause or a phrase.

  1. She said that she will attend the cooking session.
  2. He lived in Chennai once upon a time.
  3. Meera must work hard so that she could pass the exam with good marks.
  4. His sister is as intelligent as she is pretty.
  5. Mohit could not come because he was busy.


Q. Fill in the blanks with phrases or clauses to complete the sentences.

  1. Sangeeta lives in the house ________________.
  2. I tried to ________________ but failed.
  3. ________________ when I visited her.
  4. ________________ is what I admire.
  5. He opened the door ________________.


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