50+ Possessive Noun Examples in Sentences

A possessive noun is a noun that show ownership or possession. It is formed by adding an apostrophe s (‘s) to the noun, or if the noun ends in s, only an apostrophe (‘) is added.

Here’s a list of most commonly used possessive nouns with example sentences.

Possessive Noun Examples

  • She dropped the baby’s toy.
  • He painted the dog’s house.
  • I wore my friend’s cap.
  • Mom’s singing woke me up.
  • I have washed the car’s windows.
  • He shook the president’s hand.
  • I went with my wife’s father to the zoo.
  • The girl’s socks went up to knees.
  • The child’s toys were scattered all over the ground.
  • The zebra’s stripes were beautiful.
  • John’s baseball bat was very expensive.
  • Sarah’s hat was pink.
  • The lion’s habitat was in danger.
  • David’s kite got stuck in the tea.
  • The kitten’s toy was missing.
  • The dog’s bark was scary.
  • This is Matthew’s homework.
  • The boy’s pants are black.
  • That bird’s feathers are yellow.
  • My class’ project are fantastic.
  • Are these grandma’s quarters?
  • France’s soccer team is one of the best in the world.
  • John’s book is in his school bag.
  • The car’s tire needed to be fixed.
  • My doctor’s office was closed today.
  • That book’s pages are wrinkled.
  • The girls’ ball went over the fence.
  • My jacket’s button need to be fixed.
  • The horses’ riders were dressed in red.
  • I visited my family’s old house yesterday.
  • We can’t find our cat’s toy.
  • The author’s book were very popular.
  • The artist’s painting quickly sold out.
  • Can you see the lion’s paws.
  • The teacher’s copy machine never works.
  • Can you come to my father’s house.
  • The students‘ desks are new.
  • My friend’s parents had a bake sale.
  • I mowed my neighbor’s lawn.
  • Each person’s invitation came on time.
  • My wife’s friends are visiting us tomorrow.
  • She knows all the actors’ name.
  • The boys’ tree house was invaded by the girls.
  • He tore his book’s cover.
  • He doesn’t like apple’s taste.
  • My boss’s car has not yet been found.
  • You should follow the gym’s rules.
  • The mayor’s speech was outstanding.
  • John’s sister will not come to school for two days.
  • We had a great time at Logan’s birthday party.
  • He broke his father’s watch.

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