Praise to God! O Let Us Raise by Eliza Lee Follen

Praise to God! O let us raise
From our hearts a song of praise!
Of that goodness let us sing
Whence our lives and blessings spring.

Praise to him who made the light,
Praise to him who gave us sight,
Praise to him who formed the ear;
Will he not his children hear?

Praise him for our happy hours,
Praise him for our varied powers,
For these thoughts that rise above,
For these hearts he made for love,

For the voice he placed within,
Bearing witness when we sin;
Praise to him whose tender care
Keeps this watchful guardian there.

Praise his mercy, that did send
Jesus for our guide and friend;
Praise him, every heart and voice,
Him who makes all worlds rejoice.

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