100+ Preposition Example in Sentences

Preposition is placed before a noun or pronoun and shows the relationship that exists between that noun or pronoun and some other word in the sentence.

Preposition Examples in Sentences


  • I knew nothing about athletics.
  • She wrapped the wool about her finger.
  • It is about 7 o’clock.
  • She is about to die.


  • The students complained against the teacher.
  • Put the almirah against the wall.
  • Health insurance can provide against the loss of income.


  • He came after me.
  • He came after the appointed time.
  • They ran after the thief. He hankers after riches.
  • He is a man after my liking.
  • He is named after his grandfather.
  • After all, he is a clever boy.


  • The old lady distributed rice among the beggars.


  • He lives at Bogra.
  • He came at 6 o’clock.
  • The house is priced at Rs. 7,00,000.
  • The train runs at a high speed.
  • He is at work.
  • The dog ran at me.
  • You will do it at your risk.


  • Charlie stood before me.
  • He will come before this.
  • I wish for death before dishonour.


  • He sat behind me.
  • You are behind the class.


  • He stood beside me.
  • He is beside himself with joy.


  • Divide the sweets between Charlie and Zoe.
  • They snack between meals


  • The lady was attacked by a thief
  • He will come by noon.
  • The work was done by me.
  • It is ten o’clock by my watch.
  • I caught him by the leg.
  • Pay me by installments.
  • Cloth is sold by the metre.
  • He is taller by four inches.
  • I swear by God.


  • He acted for my father.
  • I bought it for fifty dollars.
  • I shall vote for you.
  • I speak for my class.
  • He did it for me.
  • I am sorry for you.
  • She is not fit for the job.
  • He gasped for breath.
  • He is intelligent for his age.
  • He is brave for a boy.
  • He left for New York.
  • For all his wealth, he is unhappy.
  • I have known Stephan for three years.
  • He can be trusted for the job.


  • He comes from home.
  • He acted from a wicked motive.
  • He died from the injury.
  • She was absent from Monday to Saturday.
  • I shall go to school from tomorrow.
  • I do not know him from his brother.


  • He lives in London.
  • He will come in an hour.
  • He is in danger.
  • My mother lives in England.
  • I was born in 1948.
  • He died in poverty.
  • He is firm in his opinions.


  • She went into the house.
  • Translate the passage into English.


  • He comes of a noble family. He died of fever.
  • This is the house of Charles.
  • This is a chain of gold.
  • He lives in the city of Chennai.
  • I do not know anything of it.
  • He is devoid of intelligence.


  • Sit on the bench.
  • Come on Monday.
  • He was born on that day.
  • On hearing this, they all fled.
  • He congratulated me on my success.
  • He has written a book on politics.


  • The sun looks over the earth.
  • He is over fifty years old.
  • He lives over the road.


  • We have been living in London since 1996.
  • The city has been under curfew since the riots started.
  • The country has been under military rule for sixteen years.
  • I have been suffering from fever since Monday.


  • He passed through the wood.
  • He is too old to sit through a long concert.


  • He has gone to Melbourne.
  • He is a boy to my mind.
  • It does not stand to reason.
  • As three is to nine, so is four to twelve.
  • I went to see him.
  • Water has turned to ice.
  • He was crushed to death.
  • I learnt to my surprise that he had gone away.


  • The price is under ten rupees.
  • The volunteers are under me.
  • The case is under trial.
  • He stood under the tree.
  • He travelled under a disguise.


  • He acted upon my advice.


  • I went there with my father.
  • He is popular with the people.
  • He found fault with me.
  • He did it with his own hand.
  • With all his faults, I respect him.

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