15 Preposition Examples in Sentences

A preposition is placed before a noun or pronoun and shows the relationship that exists between that noun or pronoun and some other word in the sentence.

Here are some examples of Preposition in sentences:

1. The crow sat on the branch of a tree.

2. There is another Red Fort situated in Agra.

3. There is a toy shop near my house.

4. Some of the students did not look at the blackboard.

5. A dog ran after the cat.

6. Man landed on the moon decades ago.

7. Although the man was wearing a bullet-proof vest, a bullet went through it and killed him.

8. We shall complain against the talkative children of our class.

9. Many Indian students go to the USA for higher education.

10. The famous actor appeared before his fans at noon.

11. Henry has returned from his overseas job.

12. The thief jumped over the wall and escaped.

13. It rained heavily throughout the day.

14. There was a small hut beside the tree.

15. The fog disappeared within no time.

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