Present Perfect Tense – Exercises for Class 8

Present perfect tense is used for completed actions. It is sued to express past actions whose time is not give, to indicate activities completed in the immediate past, to denote an action that began in the past but continues till date, to describe past events that have an impact on the present. Example: The have left for Lucknow by train.


Q. Fill in the blanks using the present perfect tense form of verbs given in the brackets.

  1. Mala ___________________ a short-term course in journalism. (do)
  2. Mahesh ___________________ in Pune University. (study)
  3. We ___________________ the film so many times. (watch)
  4. She ___________________ to use the smart phone recently. (learn)
  5. I ___________________ an alien. (see)


  1. has done
  2. has studied
  3. have watched
  4. has learnt
  5. have seen

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