Present Tense – Exercises

Present Tense Exercises

Q. Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the present tense:

  1. No one ________ (listen) to him because what he ________ (say) ________ (not make) any sense.
  2. A series of burglaries ________ (have) taken place in the neighborhood during the past month. The police ________ (be) hot on the tracks of the thieves.
  3. It ________ (appear) that no one ________ (be) at home. Where ________ (have) everybody gone?
  4. ________ (have) any of you got a pen-knife? The one I have ________ (be) too blunt.
  5. Western-style food ________ (be) what every lodger here ________ (eat) for breakfast. However, the menu for lunch and dinner ________ (vary) according to the day of the week.


  1. listens; says; does not
  2. has; are
  3. appears; is; has
  4. Has; is
  5. is; eats; varies

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