Pronouns – Exercises for Class 5

A pronoun is word that is used in the place of a noun. Examples: he, she, her, him, they

Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns.

  1. Marie is a teacher. ___________ teaches Science.
  2. All the students were happy because ___________ were going for a picnic.
  3. We live in this house. This house belongs to ___________.
  4. Do not make noise. ___________ must behave properly.
  5. Emma is my friend. I am playing chess with ___________.


  1. she
  2. they
  3. us
  4. You
  5. her

Q. Choose the correct pronouns to complete the sentences.

  1. The girl who/whom ran fast is my cousin.
  2. This is the team which/whose score is the highest.
  3. There was a pride of lions which/who became the centre of attraction at the zoo.
  4. The movie that/who I saw yesterday was very boring.
  5. Please return the book whom/that I gave you.


  1. who
  2. whose
  3. which
  4. that
  5. that

Q. Fill in the blanks with pronouns from the box.

He, We, It, They, She, Their

  1. This is ____________ house.
  2. The mouse ran away with cheese. ____________ was hungry.
  3. ____________ are playing cricket.
  4. ____________ has a beautiful doll.
  5. Emma and Sherlyn are friends. ____________ play together.
  6. This is my brother. ____________ is very naughty.


  1. their
  2. It
  3. We
  4. She
  5. They
  6. He

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