Pronouns – Exercises for Class 8

A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun.

  • Personal pronouns replace nouns. Example: we, them.
  • Possessive pronouns indicate possession or relationship. Example: hers, mine.
  • Demonstrative pronouns point out the object or objects. Example: this, that.
  • Interrogative pronouns are used for asking questions. Example: what.
  • Reflexive and emphatic pronouns are used when the action done by the subject reflects on the subject. Example: myself.
  • Indefinite pronouns stand for some nouns implied or understood. Example: nobody.
  • Reciprocal pronouns refer to an action occurring in one direction and also back in the opposite direction Example: each other.
  • Distributive pronouns refer to a person or a thing one at a time. These are always singular. Example: neither.
  • Relative pronouns are used to add information about a noun already mentioned and also help in joining two statements together. Example: who


Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns.

  1. This book is _______________.
  2. I don’t know the lady _______________ is knocking at the door.
  3. _______________ do you like the most?
  4. _______________ is eight o’ clock..
  5. _______________ is my laptop, _______________ is yours.


  1. mine
  2. who
  3. Whom
  4. It
  5. This; that

Q. Fill in the blanks with appropriate pronouns and write their types.

  1. _______________ one of them is interested in watching the film?
  2. The bottle is _______________.
  3. _______________ completed this assignment.
  4. _______________ are welcome to my house.
  5. Sachin and Sharad have known _______________ for many years.
  6. _______________ is the bag?
  7. Those students are intelligent. _______________ will win the competition.


  1. Which (interrogative pronoun)
  2. mine (possessive pronoun)
  3. He (personal pronoun)
  4. You (personal pronoun)
  5. each other (reciprocal pronoun)
  6. Whose (interrogative pronoun)
  7. They (personal pronoun)

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