What are Question Tags? Types of Question Tags with Examples

Question tags are not a complete question in itself. These are a form of question attached with a statement. This acts as a confirmation to that of the statements.

Question tags are also used in everyday life conversations in order to seek the attention of the listener. In spoken English we use question tags when you want someone to agree or disagree.

Types of Question Tags

Positive Question Tags

Tags are said to be positive if it is attached to a negative statement. For example:

  • She is not working, is she?
  • They had not gone there, had they?
  • They don’t eat apples, do they?
  • He was not at home, was he?
  • They don’t have a mobile, do they?
  • He can’t swim well, can he?

Negative Question Tags

Tags are said to be negative if it is attached to a positive statement. For example:

  • We are reading, aren’t we ?
  • You will do this job, won’t you?
  • You eat apples, don’t you?
  • You are a student, aren’t you?
  • He was at home, wasn’t he?
  • You will go to cinema, won’t you?

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