Forgetting by Robert Lynd

A list of articles lost by railway travelers and now on sale at a great London station has been published, and many people who read it have been astonished at the absent-mindedness of their fellows. If statistical records were available on the subject, however, I doubt whether it would be found that absent-mindedness is common. …

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A Short Essay on Computer

One of the greatest advances in modern technology has been the invention of computers. They are widely used in industries and in universities. Now there is hardly any sphere of human life where computers have not been pressed into service of man. We are in a day when a computer is as much part of …

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The Ganga by Jawaharlal Nehru

‘The Ganga’ is an excerpt from the last will and testament of Prime Minister Nehru dated June 21, 1954. I have received so much love and affection from the Indian people that nothing that I can do can repay even a small fraction of it, and indeed there can be no repayment of so precious …

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