Poems for Kids

Excuses Excuses by Gareth Owen

Late again Blenkinsopp?What’s the excuse this time?Not my fault sir.Who’s fault is it then?Grandma’s sir.Grandma’s? What did she do?She died sir.Died?She’s seriously dead alright sir.That makes four grandmothers this term BlenkinsoppAnd all on PE days.I know. It’s very upsetting sir.How many grandmothers have you got Blenkinsopp?Grandmothers sir? None sir.You said you had four.All dead sir.And …

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Of Shop Windows by Thomas Burke

Looking closely at the glass windows of my shop,I see in them the whole of my shop reflected.Looking at my windows closely from the street,I see in them the life of the street reflected.Yet if I stand away, the glass remains transparent,And I see clearly through it to the things beyond. If I look with …

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