Short Stories for Kids

David and Saul

While Saul was yet king, the Philistines came forth once more to fight the children of Israel. And Saul and his men went out to meet them. There were two high hills on each side of a deep vale, and from these two hills the foemen fought. The Philistines had on their side a man …

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Samuel – The Man of God

When Eli died, Samuel was made a judge in Israel. And he went from place to place to teach men the law. And as the ark had not been brought back to Shiloh, Samuel built an altar in his own house and served God there. The children of Israel set up strange gods, and the …

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The Story of Job

There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job. He was a good man and tried to do all that was right in the sight of the Lord. And God gave him ten children: seven boys and three girls. He gave Job great wealth, too, so that there was no man …

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