Report Writing: Picnic and Rescue on River Bank

History club of your school organized a picnic on a river bank. During the picnic, you observed a small boat (with two persons on it) sinking. You saw a good swimmer jump into the river and rescue the two persons in the boat. Write a report in 150-200 words on the picnic and rescue. You are Rohit of 2, Mall Road, Kanpur.

Swimming Hero


9 March 20xx

Last week, our school organised a picnic on the banks of River Sabarmati. Everyone was enjoying. The teachers also mingled with the students. There were some families also who had come to enjoy the scenic beauty.

We were singing and dancing. Suddenly, we heard a loud commotion. We learnt that a boy carrying two persons had overturned and the passengers were shouting for help. It appeared that both of two could not swim. Suddenly, a young boy of around 22 came running and jumped into the river. With expert strokes, he swam to the overturned boat. With some effort, he returned the boat to original position. Then, without wasting any time he swam to the two persons one by one and towed them to the boat. He also helped them to again climb on the boat. As it was a small boat, he did not himself boarded the boat. He signalled them to row the boat to the shore and swam back near the boat.

All the people on the bank clapped for the spirit of the boy and the passengers thanked a lot for his timely help.

We surely need our youth to take inspiration from the boy and do selfless service.

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