Report Writing: Verbal Dispute Leading to a Physical Fight Between Riskshaw Driver and Passenger

On your way to school, right in front of the school gate, you saw a verbal dispute leading to a physical fight between an auto riskshaw driver and his passenger. A teacher of your school intervened, found out the cause of the quarrel and amicably resolved the issue (problem). Write a report on incident in 150-200 words. You are Balbir/ Bimla.

Heroes in Our School


9 March 20xx

As our school is situated near a road, last week there arose a dispute between an auto rickshaw driver and his passenger. Soon, the verbal dispute led to a physical fight between the two.

Mr. Saini, our Physical Education teacher, intervened and asked both of them to stop physical fighting. He then listened to both of them with patience. He made the auto rickshaw driver understand his mistake and also advised the passenger not to indulge in disputes like this. It is always better to resolve the disputes with patience.

He resolved the issue and as a result the physical fight which may have caused injuries to both, was settled down without much ado.

We need to always be patient and make the other person understand our point of view. Disputes and fights are not the only solution.

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