Sentences – Exercises for Class 6

A group of words that are arranged correctly and conveys some meaningful information is called a sentence. A sentence ends with a punctuation mark – a full stop (.), a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!).

Assertive sentences makes a statement. There are two kinds of assertive sentences, affirmative and negative. Affirmative sentences convey positive meaning whereas negative sentences convey a negative meaning.

Interrogative sentences ask questions. These can be ‘wh’ questions that begin with words like when, why, and who or questions that begin with a helping verb like is, are, have, and does. Interrgoative sentences always end with a question mark (?).

Imperative sentences are used to express command, a request, an advice, a suggestion or an order.

Exclamatory sentences express feelings and emotions like joy and sorrow. These sentences always end with an exclamation mark (!).


Q. Read the following sentences and write their kinds.

  1. I don’t have any pen.
  2. We should always think positive.
  3. What are you late today?
  4. Hurray, we have done it!
  5. Where there is a will there, is a way.


  1. Assertive sentence
  2. Imperative sentence
  3. Interrogatie sentence
  4. Exclamatory sentence
  5. Imperative sentence

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