Sentences – Exercises for Class 8

A group of words that makes sense is called a sentence. A sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop, question mark, or an exclamation.

  1. An assertive sentence states or declares something. An assertive sentence can be either affirmative or negative.
  2. A sentence which asks a question is called an interrogative sentence. It always ends with a question mark (?).
  3. An imperative sentence expresses a command, an advice, a request or an invitation.
  4. An exclamatory sentence expresses feelings of joy, sorrow, surprise, wonder, applause, or contempt. It ends with an exclamation mark (!).


Q. Identify the types of sentence.

  1. Do you like pastries?
  2. What a melodious song!
  3. Shut the door.
  4. Her brother is in college.
  5. December is the last month of the year.
  6. Please help the flood victims.
  7. What a gigantic ship!
  8. They have not done it.
  9. New Delhi is the capital of India.
  10. He goes to school.


  1. Interrogative sentence
  2. Exclamatory sentence
  3. Imperative sentence
  4. Assertive sentence (Affirmative)
  5. Assertive sentence (Affirmative)
  6. Imperative sentence
  7. Exclamatory sentence
  8. Assertive sentence (Negative)
  9. Assertive sentence (Affirmative)
  10. Assertive sentence (Affirmative)

Q. Change the following sentences according to the instructions given.

  1. Tina doesn’t want to be a teacher. (affirmative sentence)
  2. This is a good film. (exclamatory sentence)
  3. It was cold last night (interrogative sentence)
  4. He sells toys. (negative sentence)
  5. Sachin didn’t complete his project on time. (affirmative sentence)


  1. Tina wants to be a teacher.
  2. What a good film!
  3. Was it cold last night?
  4. He does not sell toys.
  5. Sachin completed his project on time.

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