Simple Past Tense – Exercises for Class 2

When we talk about things that happened some time ago (past events), we add -d or -ed at the end of the verbs.

Q. Use the words given in the box to fill in the blanks.

opened, finished, climbed, smiled, barked, closes, danced

  1. The monkey _________ the trees.
  2. She _________ the door for the visitor.
  3. The dog _________ loudly.
  4. She _________ at her friend.
  5. She _________ well in the competition.
  6. They _________ their work daily.
  7. The watchman _________ the gate at night.


  1. climbed
  2. opened
  3. barked
  4. smiled
  5. danced
  6. finished
  7. closed

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