Singular and Plural Nouns Exercises

A noun can be singular or plural. A noun that denotes one person, place, or thing is called a singular noun. A noun that denotes more than one person, place or things is called a plural noun.

Singular and Plural Nouns Exercises

Q. Change these sentences into plural form.

  1. A tiger is a wild animal.
  2. The doctor asked the patient to lie down.
  3. The black car had no owner.
  4. The policeman caught the thief.
  5. A duck is swimming in the pond.


  1. Tigers are wild animals.
  2. The doctors asked the patients to lie down.
  3. The black cars had no owners.
  4. The policemen caught the thieves.
  5. Ducks are swimming in the pond.

Q. Change the following sentences from plural to singular:

  1. The women were working in the fields.
  2. The babies were crying in their cradles.
  3. Mangoes are kept on the tables.
  4. Lions live in caves.
  5. Mothers love their children.


  1. The woman was working in the field.
  2. The baby was crying in his cradle.
  3. A mango is kept on the table.
  4. A lion lives in a cave.
  5. A mother loves her child.

Q. Give the singular forms of the verbs:

sheep, oxen, mice, branches, churches, trees, knives, mangoes, hair, stars


Plural Singular
Sheep Sheep
Oxen Ox
Mice Mouse
Branches Branch
Churches Church
Trees Tree
Knives Knife
Mangoes Mango
Hair Hair
Stars Star

Q. Change the number of the highlighted words:

  1. A Child is playing with a ball.
  2. Dogs are pet animals.
  3. A duck swims in water.
  4. Parrots are kept as pets.
  5. I write with a pencil.
  6. A lion lives in a cave.
  7. A mango is kept on the table.
  8. Mothers love their children.
  9. My teeth are aching.
  10. I want a bat and a ball.


  1. Children are playing with balls.
  2. A dog is a pet animal.
  3. Ducks swims in water.
  4. A parrot is kept as a pet.
  5. I write with pencils.
  6. Lions live in caves.
  7. Mangoes are kept on the tables.
  8. A Mother loves her child.
  9. My tooth is aching.
  10. I want bats and balls.

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