Speech on Aggressive Behaviour of Students in School

You are Ali/Alia, Head girl/Head boy of your school. You are deeply disturbed by the rising cases of aggressive behaviour of students in your school. You decide to speak during the morning assembly about it. Write a speech on ‘Indiscipline in Schools’.

Good morning Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, I, Alia, Head Girl, am standing before you to speak about the rising cases of aggressive behaviour of students in our school.

I couldn’t help but notice that the youngsters of our generation are becoming increasingly impatient. Be it the pattern of education or results or conclusion of anything. This generation demands prompt response. This impatience shows in the daily activities of youngsters. And more often than not this impatience turns into aggression. I have noticed a lot of students of senior classes aggressively bullying the small kids to get their things done before others. I was more disturbed to witness aggression of few students towards teachers and rules of the school as well.

Teachers are one of the most respected people of our society. They are the building blocks of our future. And our culture teaches us to respects them above all. Whatever we learn in our school helps us to be better human beings in our upcoming future.

We should always respect the rules and regulations of our school. As these rules help us to become a better person. Therefore it is advisable that we abide by the rules of school as well as the society too. Maintaining discipline will enable students to figure out what’s best for them and their future.

Thank you

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