Speech on Balancing Academics and Sports

Career conscious students focus primarily on academics and neglect participation in games and sports, not realising how important physical activities are. You are Vineet/Vinita. Prepare a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school on the topic, ‘Balancing Academics and Sports’.

Balancing Academics and Sports

Dear audience, Good morning to all. I, Vineet/ Vinita, feel extremely happy as it’s a matter of great privilege for me to deliver a speech on the topic, “Balancing Academics and Sports”.

Today is a beautiful day for playing outside, and yet, many of our students and my fellow classmates, will skip the chance to play in favour of another round of revision of our study materials. This is done in hopes of improving their scores and having a better career, a better future. However, in doing so, they are ignoring one very important factor that is essential for a successful future i.e., health.

While pulling away from the books to play or participate in sports for a while might sound like a huge sacrifice, it is a necessity. Finding a balance between sports and academics ensures success in the future. It has been proven that our brain cannot process all the information given to it without breaks. Sports and other physical activities help our brain process things faster. Focusing solely on academics leads to anxiety, distress and depression in students.

I would like to conclude this speech by saying that health is something to be treasured, we can never regain it if lost. Hence, Sports should be an integral part of the curriculum. Focusing all our energy on academics at such a crucial age can have a huge effect that can change our lives. Thanks to all for being so generous in listening to my views so attentively and patiently.

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