Speech on Cleanliness is the Responsibility of All

You are concerned about the cleanliness of parks, roads and even your school premises. In spite of various measures taken by local and school administration, lack of cleanliness is still a problem. You are Namita/Keshav. Prepare a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school on the topic, ‘Cleanliness is the Responsibility of All‘.

Honorable Principal, teachers and all my dear friends, Good Morning to all!

I am Keshav/Namita of class XII C. It’s a great honour for me to stand before everyone and deliver a speech on the importance of cleanliness. Today, I would like to address the idea of cleanliness in our locality. Specifically, I would like to talk about cleanliness in public spaces such as parks and roads as well as other spaces that host large groups of people simultaneously such as our school.

Local authorities have taken various measures to combat this issue of keeping an area clean by fining people for littering in public spaces and banning defecation in open spaces. The school also has rules regarding cleanliness and certain punishments for littering. However, I feel that these don’t seem as useful because the job of cleaning up has been left to the custodians, both in school and in these public spaces. It is a state of sorry to see people twice our age cleaning up after the future citizens of a country. It is important for us, as students to start realizing that cleanliness of a space is not a job that we should be pushing onto other people, but something we should be doing as a personal responsibility as good citizens.

It is important that each of us as citizens do our part in maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings. It can be as simple as picking up any piece of paper we drop or making sure that the things we are throwing away are inside the wastebaskets. These small steps can have a large impact, so to all of us, I say it is time for us to stop thinking of the idea of cleanliness and start doing what we can to make a clean and healthy environment a reality.

Thank you.

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