Speech on Corruption

Sonu is asked by her teacher to prepare a speech for morning assembly on the topic ‘Corruption’. Write her views.

Respected Principal, teachers and students. Wish you a very happy morning.

Here I am Sonu before you to say a few words on the topic ‘Corruption’.

It is argued that corruption is the handmaid of democracy. Leaders who spend huge amounts on elections and get the support of a large number of people must amass money for contesting the next elections and must show favours to their supporters. This is the vicious circle that knows no end.

Corrupt practices have become a way of life in our society. Corruption, nepotism and dishonesty are the order of the day in all fields. Even the anticorruption officials fall an easy prey to the lure of corruption. The law of the land is too weak to deal with the corrupt elements with an iron hand. There is even a talk of nationalisation of corruption in the country. What a shame to the nation that boasts of such a noble ancient culture and rich heritage!

Prof. Leslie Plamier has carried on research to fight corruption in developing countries. He recommends the establishment of ombudsman type bodies, the Lok Pal for ministers and senior officials and Lok Ayukts for all others. But he concedes that corruption will create chaos in poor countries unless very strict measures are taken to contain it.

Let us learn the lesson and act accordingly before it is too late!

Thank You.

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