Speech on Curbing Corruption

Youngsters can perform a significant role in curbing corruption. Write a speech to be given in the morning assembly on the same topic.

Respected Principal, Teachers and my fellow students, good morning to all.

Today, I, Anita Verma of class XI am going to present my views on the “Role of youth in curbing Corruption”.

Corruption is a habit and hence everyone who is in important position, is susceptible to it. There are people who are ready to compete for those jobs with greater chances of corruption and those who don’t have the chance, expect to minimize the corruption and keep complaining about it.

But prevention and eradication of corruption is an absolute requirement for better public life. The youth has to rise at their personal level in the fight against corruption, as it is a matter of individual’s integrity.

Education is the key to eradicate corruption. Young people must say ‘No’ to donations and private tuitions. We must promote a system of selection for jobs based on merit rather than based on bribes.

It is ultimately the question of building national character. National character is nothing but the collective awareness combined with braveness. The youth should not allow themselves to become money making machines. We must take a pledge today to end corruption at all levels.

Thank you

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