Speech on Democracy and Discipline

Attempt a speech on the topic ‘Democracy and Discipline’. Put your views in words.

Dear Audience, I welcome you all. I will express my views on the topic ‘Democracy and Discipline’.

The vulgar concept of democracy lies in terms of uncharted freedom. However, the intelligent view is that working of democracy imposes certain responsibilities and obligations on everyone.

In India, the democratic process has not worked on these principles. The party in power usually takes a lenient view of the popular risings, lest it should lose the support of the masses. With the result, the anti-social elements get encouragement and the life of common people become miserable. The opposition always runs down the government and organises agitations, bandhs and even riots to secure its vote-banks.

Since we have socialism as our goal, the businessman are allowed to make undue profits through corrupt means, thus providing a set-back to the national economy. In fact, the laxity in enforcing the rule of law is born of indiscipline and it gives rise to many ills and vices that shake the very foundations of democracy.

The recent Mandal imboroglio, the Security scam, the Bodoland issue, the widespread terrorism and corruption are grave warnings that we must realize that democracy without discipline is meaningless. Let us emulate France after De Gaull’s entry, China and Singapore where discipline reigns supreme and the nations are at the top of the world.

Thank you.

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