Speech on Dowry is a Blemish in the Name of Indian Society

Deliver a speech on the burning issue ‘Dowry is a blemish in the name of Indian society’. Put your views in words.

Dear Audience, I welcome you all. I will express my views on the burning issue of today which entitles, ‘Dowry is a blemish in the name of Indian society’.

Not only it is a grave issue, but a matter of shame for us too. A number of brides have lost their lives on the alter of dowry yet so far. Dowry system has led to female sex extinction, just because parents can’t afford dowry.

Though people speak against this abuse at length, but practically this evil could still not be eradicated from our society. Flexibility in laws and being male-dominating society, the conviction and proceedings in such cases go futile and the accused openly roam about without any fear.

It is high time to uproot this evil from our society lest we should get deprived of the fair-sex.

Thank you.

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