Speech on Hazards of Fast Food

As the Head Boy of the school, you are concerned about the craze for fast food in the younger generation. You wish to tell your schoolmates about the hazards of fast food. Write your speech on this topic to be delivered in the morning assembly.

Honourable Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends. I feel quite concerned when I see many children crazy after fast food. So I stand here to express my views on the health hazards which are caused by fast food.

I believe that liberalisation in economy has brought many multinationals serving fast foods through their own countries. Big names like McDonalds, Wimpeys, Pizza Hut, Ken-tuckies are quite familiar to the residents of big cities in India. In Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata attractive fast food corners tempt the customers. The young generation is crazy after fast food.

This has given birth to a new culture. The food habits of the people are changing fast. The student in the big cities no longer carry their tiffin boxes with them. They prefer sandwiches, hotdogs or burgers for regular meals at lunch.

Little do the people realise the health hazards involved in consuming the fast foods. Food experts and bioscientists have highlighted the hazards involved in the regular use of the fast foods. They have cautioned people against the regular use of tinned food and the fast food. In the west, they call them the junk food.

Naturally, fresh fruits and vegetables have more nutritional value. Similarly, freshly cooked breads, pulses and curries have more food value. The fast foods are not freshly cooked. They contain more fats than the ordinary meals. Nor can they match the homemade meals in taste and quality.

Medical experts in the U.S.A. have warned that people who depend on the fast foods suffer more from the ailments of the liver, stomach and heart.

Let’s all pledge today to give importance to fresh fruits and vegetables so that we can lead a happy life.

Thank you.

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