Speech on Health Care for Indian Workers

You are Rajendra Kumar, a social worker. You read an article in The Hindu on ‘Health Care for Indian Workers’. Write a speech in 125- 150 words on the importance of health care to be delivered at a public function to create awareness among the workers.

Good morning, dear friends.

Today I, Rajendra Kumar, stand before you to talk about an extremely important issue, which often gets neglected-health care for Indian workers.

I wonder why we don’t care much for the health of other human beings. When it comes to Indian workers, we especially remain mute spectators to their misery. Often, the workers work in inhuman conditions, neglecting their health. In addition to that, there are no proper health care facilities for workers. Lack of finance, awareness and hygienic living conditions are few of the major seasons, which lead to their poor health, zero immunity to diseases and untimely death.

The authorities must ensure clean and healthy working conditions for these people. It is the responsibility of the government to provide affordable health care services to these workers and their families. Indian workers should be taught the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Many non-governmental organisations can play a role in spreading awareness about health and hygiene.

These workers play a major role in our life. We must understand and appreciate their contribution towards society. Access to basic health facilities is their right. Together, as responsible citizens, we should try to make their lives as healthy as ours.

Thank you

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