Speech on How Media Influences Public Opinion

Media has a strong hold on society. Write a speech in 125-150 words on how media influences public opinion to be delivered in the school assembly.

Good morning, Respected Principal, teachers and my fellow students.

Today I, stand before you to voice my concerns on how media influences public opinion.

Media is a powerful weapon in any democracy. It keeps people updated with the recent changes and development in the society and the world. It also helps them understand these developments and build their opinion about the same. With the development of better methods of communication from print and electronic media to a more recent social media, the influence of ‘media’ has increased. Consequently, its responsibility of delivering correct information has also increased. However, when media is unable to do so, the fact gets lost in the media frenzy.

As a result, general public believes what they see, read or hear from the media and form an opinion even if it is incorrect. Some of the content children come across through media may not be appropriate for their age. Certain television programmes spread the wrong message in the pretext of creating awareness. Moreover, certain news channels have the tendency to over- sensationalise sensitive issue and present to the viewers half-baked news completely lacking empathy for the sufferer. As the media has the power to showcase both the facets of a piece of information, it should work towards helping the common man to understand the difference between the real news and the fake news.

Media has a strong hold on society. It can do more than just spread the news. It can influence public opinion also. Therefore, it is the responsibility of media and the media personnel to ensure that they direct their efforts towards bringing forward the truth and only the truth.

Thank you

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