Speech on How Students Can Help Flood or Drought Victims by Collecting Clothes, Money, and Medicines

Every year there are floods or droughts in the country. Victims suffer a lot. The government does a lot to help the people, but it is not enough. Society also must do its bit. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the school morning assembly describing how the students can also help by collecting clothes, money and medicines from their neighbourhoods. You are Arun/Aruna.

Donate Your Old clothes for Noble Cause

Good morning respected Principal ma’am, teachers and friends. I am Arun of Class XII. Recently, we have heard the news about floods in one section of our country and an earthquake hitting another part of the country. Both the natural disasters have caused wide scale destruction. Thousands of people have been rendered houseless and stranded in rescue camps.

We buy a lot of clothes throughout the year. And if we notice, a good amount of clothes lie untouched in our wardrobes. Why dump them when there are millions of under-privileged people in this world struggling to get enough bread to live for the next day, enough rag to cover themselves away from humiliation and enough shelter that promises them some hope for tomorrow. Please, donate your old clothes to orphanages or old age homes, or randomly you can find clothes donation drives near you. We can provide for them, we can make their smiles less painful. Don’t dump, rather donate old clothes. There are so many victims of floods and earthquakes whose future can be made by giving your small donation of old clothes. The best way to tidy any clothes and shoe collection is through donating. Donating is an essential and transparent way to help needy people. Twelve clothes, shoes, and medicine collection bins are conveniently placed in different floors and sections of the school. This is where you can donate your valuable used clothes to victims of floods and earthquakes in different parts of the country. Our school is raising an initiative towards second-hand clothes collection, medicines collection, so that we can also contribute to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

I urge all of you to be a part of this noble cause.

Thank You.

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