Speech on Ill Effects of Watching Too Much Television

Raghav, a student of class XI, has been asked to make a speech on the “Ill-Effects of watching too much Television”. Write out the speech in 150 -200 words.

Good Morning respected Principal, Teachers and my fellow students.

Today I Raghav of class XI will speak about the ill-effects of excessive television viewing.

Nowadays watching too much TV has become a very widespread problem. We can see a TV in every home, even the parents begin to teach their children to watch TV from early childhood, because they think that is a good way to develop a child.

Sometimes people forget that the TV does not always carry only positive aspects. Negative effects of the TV have become quite an obvious fact. As a consequence, TV affects human physical, mental and social health in a very destructive manner.

One reason why people should not watch too much TV is the reduction of mental capacity. Because when people watch an excessive amount of television they do not look for new solutions for any problems.

As another reason, excessive TV watching leads to emotional frustration in families and problems with relatives. Also watching too much TV is harmful because the human brain is filled with redundant information.

A huge stream of advertising, TV shows, TV series and news releases emotionally cripple a person. Thus, it can be said that in the modern times watching TV is an attribute of a limited world view and lazy lifestyle, which leads to many psychological and physiological problems.

Thank you

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