Speech on Importance of Civic Sense

Respect for law, concern for others and maintaining a clean environment are some of the qualities of a civilized person. It is sad that we do not pay much attention to them. You are Shoma/Sonu. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly on the topic, ‘Importance of Civic Sense’.

Importance of Civic Sense

Dear Friends and Faculty, I, Shoma/Sonu of class XII-C, wish all of you a very good Morning. I am privileged to present my views on the importance of civic sense with you today.

How often have we seen people spitting on the roadside? How often have we seen people standing, watching someone else in pain? How many of us leave the lights on when we don’t really need it?

We see these things on a daily basis. We curse the people who do these things but then we do it ourselves too. We say to ourselves, “Why should I stop when no one else is?” We forget that every single person’s actions matter.

We live in a time where we stand at the edge of irreversible changes. In such a time, it becomes more important than ever that we hold on to our civic sense. If we continue to live as individuals rather than a society on this planet, just functioning based on rules that ensure our mere survival, then there will come a time when the society will never be the same. Knowing this, it becomes even more important to emphasize the importance that civic sense can have in our very lives. It is high time that we all start to live with civic sense and social mannerism for a cleaner and healthier environment. This will help us change the society at the earliest.

Thank you.

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