Speech on Importance of Discipline in Life

You are Dhruv of Sun International School, Kanpur. Write a speech in about 150 words on the topic ‘Importance of Discipline in Life.’

Good Morning to one and all present here.

Today, I, Dhruv would like to present my views on the ‘Importance of Discipline in Life.’

Discipline is a virtue which makes human beings different from animals. We should live in discipline because only discipline helps a person to lead a respectable life. We should know how to behave, when to go and where.

Discipline does not only mean doing work expected of you but also doing it in right manner. We all come to school but don’t you think it is a part of discipline to come in time and in proper school uniform?

Discipline means to move properly everywhere without hampering the right of others. If there is no discipline, there will be chaotic conditions everywhere. With no discipline, there will be a situation of ‘might is right’.

To live a happy and peaceful life, living a self-disciplined life is must.

Thank You.

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