Speech on Increasing Rate of Crime in Today’s Society

You have to deliver a speech in the Morning Assembly on the topic ‘The increasing rate of crime in today’s society’. Write the speech in about 150 words.

Respected Principal, honourable teachers and my dear friends.

Today, I, Shivam Bhardwaj of Class XI stand in front of you to share my views on the increase in crime rate and the measures we should take to curb it.

Friends, human society is gradually but surely being criminalised. Everyday the newspaper reports ghastly murders, sensational robberies, rapes, thefts and kidnapping. Naturally, the graph of crimes in today’s society is sharply on the rise. Living has become quite risky, unpleasant and unsafe. Women and old people are the worst sufferers. Our cities have become the dens of smugglers and criminals. The capital of India, New Delhi has earned a rare notoriety in this respect. It is not only political capital but also the crime capital of India.

Growing unemployment and lack of motivation among the educated young men have drawn many of them to the world of crimes. Thefts and way-laying are no more the monopoly of illiterate ruffians. Graduates in jeans are now the active members of the crime world. The new wave of consumerism has added only fuel to the fire. Craze for foreign goods, cars, bikes, dresses and cosmetics has fuelled their ambitions. They need fast money to fulfill their never dying desires.

There are no shortcuts to reduce the growing crime rate in society. Of course, it is the duty of the police to maintain law and order in public. Efficient and impartial functioning of the police can help in curbing the crime rate in society. But the health of society depends on many other factors. The army of unemployed young men is swelling. Naked materialism and consumerism have overpowered their minds and morals. Moral education in schools can be quite helpful in bringing down the crime rate effectively.

Thank you.

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