Speech on Modernisation Does Not Mean Aping Westernisation

You are Preety of St. Columbus School, Nainital. You have to speak on the topic ‘Modernisation does not mean aping westernisation’. Write the same in about 150 words.

Good Morning respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.

Today, I, Preety would like to express my thoughts on ‘Aping Westernisation does not mean Modernisation !’

Today we believe that if we follow western culture we become modern. Modernisation has become synonymous to westernisation. India is famous for its rich culture but we are obsessed with the views that if we dress up like western country people, eat their food and talk like them, we modernise, forgetting that our culture is being ruined.

Modernisation means being open to the modern developments, techniques, achieving good education, coming out of the superstitious beliefs and being liberal in our views. Medical sciences should be enhanced to make our life comfortable and life should be lived happily with contentment. If we have all this, we are modernised.

Wearing short dresses, enjoying pizza and burgers but with no love and respect for each other does not make us modern. Modernisation and Westernisation are two different aspects.

Thank You.

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