Speech on Persuading Students to Make Use of Indoor Facilities

Outdoor exercise or morning and evening walk during winter months has become difficult in the polluted atmosphere of the metropolitan cities. In such a situation indoor (team) games have become very important. Write a speech in 150-200 words persuading your students to make more use of facilities for basketball, badminton etc available in your school. You are Principal of your school.

Good Morning everybody! Today as we observe that life in metro cities has become very difficult due to the increasing rate of pollution, it’s my duty to count on the hazardous consequences of the outdoor activities for all the students. Whenever we go out, we inhale smoke and poisonous gases along with oxygen. The burden of overgrowing population, unrestricted cutting of trees and unlimited urbanization has resulted in excessive pollution and so it has become impossible to do any outdoor exercise or morning and evening walk especially during harsh winters. Therefore, I would say that students must fully utilize the facilities of sports like badminton, basketball etc. available in the school as for good mental growth, we cannot deny the importance of these games. It helps to interact with each other as well. Children exchange ideas and thoughts while playing. As it is not possible to avail these facilities outside, our school has started the games within school premises. Trained coaches have been appointed for the students keeping in view the interest of the children in their respective field of interest. Students can play during zero periods and before the assembly. Provisions have been also made for evening training classes. These games are must for the children’s balanced personality. Moreover, physical activities provide an outlet for the surplus energy.

Therefore, I would like all the students to make use of the sports facilities available in the school for which no extra fee would be charged.

Thank you !

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