Speech on Safe Driving

You are Ketan of Class VIII of Xavier’s Public School, Karnal. You have to deliver a speech in morning assembly on the topic ‘Safe Driving’.

Good morning to one and all present here.

Today, I, Ketan of class VIII would like to say that we all should practice safe driving.

Road accidents are increasing nowadays. It is on account of the reckless driving. People enjoy to compete with one another in speed which proves ruinous and even fatal. People take pride in violating traffic rules. Some even drink and drive.

We all know that traffic rules are made for our safety. We should have proper traffic sense and follow the rules. We should not use mobile phones while driving nor should we drive recklessly because it is truly said that ‘speed thrills but kills.’

The children below the age of eighteen years should not drive. They should drive only when they are entitled to licence.

Hope you all will agree with me and always go for safe driving.

Thank You

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