Speech on Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Rahul is entrusted with a topic “Slow and Steady wins the race”, he has to deliver a speech at school during the morning assembly. Make a fair draft writing his views.

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. Wish you all a very happy good morning.

Here I am, Rahul, before you to say a few words on the topic “Slow and Steady wins the race”.

The maxim holds the essence of life. It is well said that we must learn to work hard constantly with determination, courage and patience. Slow progress should not make us impatient and difficulties should not discourage us. Anything that is done in haste is only meant for undoing.

Every great achievement, in order to be lasting, must be gradual in its progress. We forget that there is no royal road to success. The meteoric rise of Hitler and his subsequent fall may be compared to the slow rise to eminence of Lincoln after decades of toil. No doubt, the lofty character of Lincoln continues to be admired by the posterity. The city of Rome which finally became the wonder of the civilized world, must have consisted originally of a few houses and huts; and it was only slow degrees that it became famous.

Those who begin to run fast from the outset in the race competition, get tired midway and lose the race. On the other hand, those who run slowly and steadily win the race in the end. Our civilization itself is nothing but the result of slow and steady progress in the field of science and technology. So let all of us vow. We will remain slow but constant until we achieve our destination.

Thank You.

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