Speech on Student and Sportsmanship

Arun is asked by his teacher to prepare a speech for Monday morning on the topic “Student and Sportsmanship”. Write Arun’s ideas and views on the same topic.

Respected Principal, teachers and students. Wish you all a very happy good morning.

Here I am, Arun, before you to say a few words on the topic “Student and Sportsmanship”.

There is a close relationship between the both. In a healthy mind rest the healthy thoughts. Sportsmanship brings about determination, the spirit of friendliness and altruism within the students. Sportsmanship culminates the morale of a studious pupil to its zenith.

Sportsmanship builds-up the character of a student and creates the spirit of competitiveness among the students. Sportsmanship also teaches them to remain in discipline and be punctual. It inflows ability and the quality of taking quick decision. Sportsmanship also tells us not to lose our heart in any critical situation, but to face the problem dare-heartedly and find its solution.

Towards the end, I would once again request the book-worms to seek some time and spend it into some outdoor game.

Thank You.

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