Speech on Student Must Know How to Manage Time

Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘A student must know how to manage his time’. It is to be delivered in the morning assembly. You are Karan/Karuna, Head Boy/ Head Girl of the school.

Good morning, Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today I, Karuna, Head girl stand before you to share my thoughts on the topic ‘a student must know how to manage his time.’

Time is very precious. Once it’s lost it can’t be gained. Student life is very important as it decides the future. Academics often creates a lot of pressure on students. As a result, they are unable to manage their time properly.

Time management is essential, especially at a competitive time like this when there is too much to do, but too little time. If a student plans and organises, her/his work according to the importance of it then definitely it adds to the efficient result of the work. Students should balance both their self-studies and recreation, which is also essential as it refreshes the mind. Only studies is not enough. If you are able to manage time effectively then there would be a scope to enhance other skills.

The time management in a student’s life would also enhance confidence. So, each and every student must learn to utilise time by proper planning and organising the things. Summing up, I’d like to say that if one is able to manage time effectively it reduces stress and helps one to achieve success in short period of time.

Thank you

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