Speech on Terrorism

Anamika is asked to prepare a speech for morning assembly on the topic ‘Terrorism’. Write her views.

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. Wish you all a very happy morning.

Here I am Anamika before you to say a few words on the topic ‘Terrorism’.

Terrorism means illegal use of violence to gain some political ends. It is now a world-wide phenomenon. Among the causes are the growth of communal feelings, political vengeance, racial jealousies and last but not the least unemployment among the youth.

Small groups of terrorists indulge in acts of violence, looting, arson, kidnapping for ransom and killing innocent people. Their method is to hit and run and their aim is to create lawlessness. They instigate their followers in the name of freedom, caste or religion.

Truly, terrorism is anti-progress. In case of Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, the terrorists are trained in Pakistan and then given ultra modern weapons before they are sent to India. Their demand is separation as it is in case of Bodoland militants in Assam.

Terrorism can not be finished with appeals or appeasement; it has to be dealt with an iron hand. The recent combined action by the army and the police has yielded good results in Punjab. Since talks with Pakistan have not borne any fruit, some stronger measures like snapping of diplomatic relations, etc., must be adopted.

Thank you.

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