Speech on Why Should Students Obey their Elders

Imagine that you have been asked by your teacher to give a speech in the class on “Why should students obey their elders ?”

Respected teachers and my fellow students. Good morning to you all. Today I stand before you to express my views on the topic “Why should students obey their elders ?’

Obedience is a virtue that all of us must possess. Obedience means to do what our parents and elders tell us to do. Our elders are our parents, teachers and all those who are older than us. They have more experience and maturity. Their guidance and support is very important for us. They will always instill in us good values. We must always look up to our teachers. They are our gurus. We must always respect them. Sometimes we hear students talking ill about their teachers or speaking in a disrespectful manner about them. Such students can never do well in life.

Hence we must always listen to the advice given to us by our parents and teachers and learn to obey them.

Thank you.

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