Speech on Youth, Their Problems and Solutions

You are Sampreet, an educationist. You have noticed that the youth of today are often unable to cope with stress and become frustrated and bitter. Write a speech in 125- 150 words to be delivered at a college function on ‘Youth, their problems and solutions’.

A very good morning to you all!

I am Sampreet and as an educationalist, it is my duty to throw light on the disturbing behaviour of the youth becoming more and more frustrated in dealing with stress.
The level of competition, among the youth, whether it is in the education or job front, along with peer pressure, have been increasing by the day. Without proper guidance youth is often unable to handle the stress and becomes frustrated easily. It then leads to depression, anxiety and anger, which further leads to cases of suicide, road rage, hate crimes, alcohol consumptions, drug abuse, etc.

The solution is simple: the youth needs unstinted support, and love of their parents, teachers and elders. We need to remove the unnecessary pressure from our education system and give the youth opportunity to develop the skills, which they are proficient at. Recognising their qualities would bring upon them a positive attitude thus putting an end to stress.

Proper counselling from good counsellors would help understand and solve their problems. Youth who have lost their hope must be encouraged and inspired to know his or her potential. Relaxation and mental balance is best achieved with meditation and yoga. Indulging in hobbies is another way to de-stress occasionally. The most important thing is we need to impart value education so the youth have high self-confidence and great tolerance and patience.

Thank you

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