Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me by Eliza Lee Follen

“Let little children come to me,”—
This is what the Saviour said;
Little children, come and see
Where these gracious words are read.

Often on these pages look,—
Of the love of God they tell;
‘Tis indeed a holy book,—
Learn to read and love it well.

Thus you hear the Saviour speak,—
“Come ye all and learn of me”;
He was gentle, lowly, meek,—
So should all his followers be.

When our Saviour from above,
From his Father did descend,
He took them in his arms of love,
And children knew him for their friend.

All little children Jesus blessed,—
Blessed in innocence they are;
Little children he caressed;
Praise him in your infant prayer.

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