Tea from Assam – Summary

This is a very short description of Assam, a Northern-Eastern State in India. This state is famous for its tea plantations. In this extract Pranjol, a youngster from Assam is Rajvir’s classmate at a school in Delhi. Pranjol’s father is a manager of a tea-garden in upper Assam and Pranjol has invited Rajvir to visit his home during the summer vacation.


‘Tea from Assam’ is an interesting story about tea, its history and significance. Two boys Rajvir and Pranjol are travelling to Assam. Rajvir tells Pranjol that over 8,00,000,000 cups of tea are drunk everyday throughout the world.

The train passes through green hills with a sea of tea bushes as far as can be seen. Rajvir is very excited but Pranjol, who has been brought up on a plantation, does not share his excitement. Rajvir then tells him about the various legends—Indian and Chinese—behind tea. He tells him how a Chinese emperor by chance discovered tea back in 2700 BC. Another story was about how ten tea plants grew out of eyelids of Bodhidharma, a Buddhist ascetic.

These words ‘Chai’ and `Chilli are Chinese words. It was only in the sixteenth century that tea came to Europe.

By now, they had reached Marian junction where they got down and set off for Dhekiabari Tea Estate. On both sides of the road, there were tea bushes with women plucking tea leaves. Pranjol’s father told Rajvir that he would tell them many more things about tea plantation.

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