Teaching vs Training


  • Teaching is the process of development and modification of human tendencies and abilities.
  • Its scope is large, it can be formal, informal and non-formal.
  • It is a rational and logical process.
  • Human perspective and thinking are more powerful in teaching.
  • Teaching is a life-long process.
  • There is a greater possibility of ideologies or ‘knowledge domination’ over teaching.
  • The form of teaching varies according to circumstances.


  • Training is to mold a person into a certain frame.
  • The scope of training is very limited and formal.
  • It is a mechanical process.
  • At the time of training, the interaction of the trainee is usually with physical objects.
  • Training is a time-based process.
  • The impact of ideologies or ‘knowledge supremacy’ on training is relatively less.
  • The nature of training is generally ‘universal’.

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