Tenses – Exercises for Class 5

Q. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets.

  1. He sings well. (Past tense)
  2. She completed her homework. (Future tense)
  3. She went to meet her grandmother. (Present tense)
  4. The woodcutter went to the forest. (Future tense)
  5. He will sell the timber in the market. (Past tense)


  1. He sang well.
  2. She will complete her homework.
  3. She is going to meet her grandmother.
  4. The woodcutter will go to the forest.
  5. He sold the timber in the market.

Q. Read the sentences given below and write down their correct tense.

  1. George will go for a swim in the lake today.
  2. My uncle visited China several times last year.
  3. Emma laughs at my joke.


  1. Future tense
  2. Past tense
  3. Present tense

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