Thanks for a Pleasant Day by Eliza Lee Follen

Come, let us all, with heart and voice,
To God our Father sing and pray;
In his unceasing love rejoice,
And thank him for this pleasant day.

The clear blue sky looks full of love;
Let all our selfish passions cease!
O, let us lift our thoughts above,
Where all is brightness, goodness, peace.

If we have done a brother wrong,
O, let us seek to be forgiven;
Nor let one discord spoil the song
Our hearts would raise this day to heaven.

This blessed day, when the pure air
Is full of sweetness, full of joy,—
When all around is calm and fair,—
Shall we the harmony destroy?

O, may it be our earnest care
To free our souls from every sin;
Then will each day be bright and fair,
For God’s pure sunshine dwells within.

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