The Banyan Tree – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Why did the squirrel become friendly with the author?

Ans. The squirrel became friends with the author because he did not harm the squirrel. He gave it pieces of cake and biscuits.

Q. Why was the banyan tree the noisiest place in the garden in spring?

Ans. The banyan tree was the noisiest place in the garden because it was home to many kinds of birds and in spring when the banyan tree was full of red figs, the bulbul, myna, parrots and crows made a cheerful noise.

Q. How did the author spend the afternoons in the banyan tree?

Ans. The author had built a crude platform on the banyan tree and when it was not too hot, in the afternoon, he would sit there and read his favourite books. If he did not feel like reading, he just looked down at the world below.

Q. How did the crow die?

Ans. The crow was bitten by the snake and he died.

Q. How did the author patronise the banyan trees?

Ans. The author thought that the big banyan tree belonged to him. He enjoyed climbing it, sitting on its branches on a platform and reading books.

Q. What changes came about in the tree in spring?

Ans. The banyan tree bore small red fruit, and attracted all kinds of birds to sit on it.

Q. What was the ‘ classic’ of the Indian wilds?

Ans. A fight between a mongoose and a cobra has been referred here as a ‘classic’.

Q. Who was the author’s first friend?

Ans. A small grey squirrel was authors first friend.

Q. Who did not know about the author’s presence on the tree?

Ans. The snake and the mongoose did not know the author’s presence on the tree.

Q. Describe the fighter qualities of the mongoose and the cobra.

Ans. The mongoose is a small, three feet long animal yet a superb fighter. He is clever and aggressive. The mongoose is faster and quicker in motion than the cobra and therefore, overpowers him soon. The cobra too is a skillful and experienced fighter. It stares at the opponent with glossy unwinking eyes. It moves swiftly and strikes with the speed of light. It has two fangs full of deadly poison.

Q. How did the cobra and the mongoose come face to face?

Ans. The cobra moved his split tongue in and out. He spread his broad spotted hood. He moved cleverly around the mongoose in an action of attack. Mongoose in its swift movement attacked the cobra from the back. At last, the mongoose was able to catch the cobra by its snouts. The cobra coiled itself around the mongoose, but it did not serve any purpose. The cobra died and was pulled away into the bushes.

Q. How did the myna and the crow interfere in the classic fight?

Ans. The myna and a jungle crow sat on the cactus plant and watched the fight. Both made a couple of attempts to attack the cobra. The crow wanted to peck and hurt the snake. Both flew over the snake but crow was bitten by the snake and it fell dead.

Q. What is your opinion about the myna that behaved in a clever way?

Ans. It is true that the myna behaved in a clever way because it never took any risk to its life. It always reached a safer place after diving at the cobra which was fighting with the mongoose. The crow was fool so it lost its life behaving in a foolish manner but the myna survived because of its clearness. It later wisely decided not to interfere in the fight and silently flew away when the fight was over.

Q. How did the mongoose kill the snake?

Ans. The mongoose was very active. Though, both the cobra and the mongoose were champions yet the mongoose behaved in a clever and tricky way. The mongooses are superb and aggressive fighters. They are enemies of snakes also. The cobra tried to mesmerise the mongoose, but he was acquainted with the power of his opponent’s glassy eyes. The mongoose very bravely and cleverly fixed his gaze at a point just below the cobra’s hood and started the attack. He was clever enough to defend himself well, biting the snake again and again The cobra coiled itself around the mongoose but was not successful. But in the end the cobra was tired so it could not struggle any more and died and the mongoose dragged it away in the bushes.

Q. It is said that one should never underestimate the power of one’s opponent. Why? (VBQ)

Ans. Yes, it is true that one should never underestimate the power of one’s opponent because whenever a person develops overconfidence. He is sure to lead to failure. The cobra was well known to the fact that the grey mongooses were superb fighters and clever too in fighting. But it made wrong decisions, so it fell in the mongoose’s trap and died at the end. Instead of giving full attention to the mongoose, the cobra focused on killing the crow and the myna which it should have avoided. The cobra killed the crow but could not save itself from the clutches of mongoose. So enemy should never be thought to be weak.

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